Next-Gen Core Banking & Financial Services Platformmodern banking

Banking is changing. Consumers expect digital bank accounts, digital assets management, and integrated direct payments.

Reimagine Digital Banking Experience

Build the future of financial services and give your customers the best Digital first banking experience, instant internal payments and transfers, and full transaction transparency.

Customers Expect Digital Banking

Customers are discontent with the slow and bad experience banks are offering as a result of legacy IT infrastructure. Competitions are more fierce than ever and Banks must evolve and go digital, or risk losing customers.

Global, Flexible & Configurable

Our flexible Banking Platform is built to support and be adapted to any regional requirements. Our Orchestration Engine allows banks to easily define their custom workflows in a documentable way via Smart Contract.

Fairness & No lock-in

Traditional core banking platforms are opaque. API access for many features often require secondary development from the legacy vendor. We provide transparent, configurable, and composable banking API so you can adapt to change. What you see is what you get.

Lightning Fast & Instant Payment

There is no reason why a payment should require 3-5 days to clear. Our banking infrastructure allows banks and fintechs to enable Instant Internal Payments and Transfers amongst their customers.

Full Transparency

With our powerful Transactions API, we provide banks and their customers full transparency over their financial health and history. We work with you to provide a new type of banking.

Mobile First

Customers now expect their banks to sit in their pockets. We help Digital-first Banks and Traditional Banks with the strategy to offer the best mobile experience to their customers

Wealth Management & Reporting

With our advanced reporting API, we help banks provide better insight of financial health and wealth management products to their customers.

Deploy faster

A modern technology-first, API-based Platform for Core Banking & Digital Assets

Innovate and reimagine banking, payments, and financial services using our customizable and flexible Banking Platform.

Go live in months instead of years.

Cloud Native

Iosis Platform is cloud native and supports any private and public cloud using container orchestration framework (Kubernetes, OpenShift)


Our Core Engine incorporates features of distributed ledger to ensure data consistency and single source of truth for all transactions with detail transaction logs.

Orchestration & Workflow Automation

Automation first. We allow financial institutions to easily automate their workflows via our Smart contract based DSL (domain specific language)

Advanced Security

We take security seriously. We ensure all of our systems use bank-grade encryption. All connections are over TLS/SSL and all data are encrypted at rest.

Powerful API

API-first. We believe API is the answer to data transparency and all features within our Platform can be accessed via RESTful and gRPC API with beautiful and detail documentations.

Database & Scalability

Built to be scalable. Our microservices use distributed database to ensure horizontally scalability so banks can focus on acquiring customers knowing their infrastructure will scale with them.

Meet our Team

Drawing from ML/AI and Fintech experience from MIT, Cambridge, and Columbia, Iosis seeks to modernize bank infrastructure by enabling banks to move away from legacy IT platforms. Our team is based in New York, London, and San Diego.

  • James Wagner

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Timothy Chung

    Co-Founder / CTO

  • Vish Krishnan

    Advisor / Prof. UCSD, Rady School of Management

  • David Markley

    Advisor / Director of Business Solutions, Algorand

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